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Leslie Jean Porter is a French-American artist based in Palm Springs, California.


LJP left the international film industry from Paris, France to Palm Springs, California, leaving family and friends to be at peace, swim in the sunshine, and play tennis. She produced four Indie, low-budget, feature movies, such as PopsicleBlind LoveAnd Then It Breaks, only to be seen by the cast and crew. These movies are available for distribution if anyone is interested, or for a remake, so please let her know. The film, Mystical Fire, was sent to several film festivals and won many awards.


Back in Paris, LJP made a feature documentary on Aldo Crommelynck (also available for distribution) that screened at the Brussels Museum. 


Her screenplays include the following: 


  • Tristan & Yseult 

  • Gilles de Rais 

  • Gaspard

  • Native Dawn


LJP always wanting to create and move on, started painting again, and sharing her art in many galleries, which lead her to decide on opening up a 3900 ft.² gallery. There she featured her own paintings, as well as 80 international artists throughout the years. She hosted networking events for all kinds of themes, interests, industries, charity galas, book signings, dinner parties, DJ Coachella events, other musical concerts and much more! The gallery was a safe haven for many creative artists and businesses throughout the years.


She then moved on to open a second, smaller gallery with collectibles and art shows, that were filled with shelves of rare books, jewelry, glassware, and other objects for collections such as, vintage gowns, and many accessories that she and her friends modeled.


The gallery had to close for Covid-19, so she signed up to sell her paintings and prints with online art dealers, Saatchi and Fine Art America. She also made this website to feature her artwork. During the lockdown, she painted and made elegant, one of a kind, superb hats for the Kentucky Derby, Ascot, LongChamp and Delmar. In addition, she created lovely, unique fans and flower crowns to bring back the invisible secret language of flowers.


She also sorted all her collections of photographs and made prints for collectible books, postcards of her art and created over 100 humorous, small books. 


Then she published the Adventures of Peepers on Amazon, which is a bilingual children’s book series in English/French and English/Spanish. The series is aimed at teaching children the fundamentals of a second language through the story of an adorable duckling named Peepers (see Peepers website).


Now LJP is brave, fearless with infusion of creativity, dancing, and smiling at life, as if it would never end. LJP is preparing art shows in Los Angeles, Palm Desert, and San Diego staged in gardens that are themed with glory to God. 







Los Angeles Design Center (2017, 2018) 

Palm Springs Air Museum - Style Fashion Week (2018)


Misty/Estate Sale (2015, 2016)


Crystal Fantasy in Palm Springs, CA (2003, 2011)


NYC Photography (2000) 

Pierre Cardin Collage Series in Paris, France (1979, 1984)


Cathedral Canyon Country Club (2023) 


Leslie Jean Porter Gallery Exhibitions: 

Palm Desert, CA (2023) 

San Diego, CA (2023)

Head shot of the artist, Leslie Jean Porter.

Life of a Creative Heart - a short film documenting my life as an artist.


It begins with my time as a film producer and executive at a French film company, and travels throughout the years as I pursued a lifelong love of photography and painting.

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