My name is Leslie, and I am a French artist based in Palm Springs, California.


Throughout my life I have worked in all different creative fields. I started out in fashion, working under haute-couture designer Louis Feraud. From there I pivoted to film production, working with some of the greatest independent film directors of our generation. In 1994 I became an executive for a major French indie film company, Ciby 2000. I worked in film for several more years before settling down in Palm Springs to start my first gallery. There I featured my work, as well as that of other local artists. I also hosted networking events for people in the industry, book signings, dinner parties, catered events, and much more. Since then I have downsized to a smaller gallery in Cathedral City, which I prefer because it's more intimate and doesn't distract from the art. Here I show my own artwork, which I also sell online on my website, Facebook, and anywhere else you may see me on the web. If you see something you like, feel free to drop me a line! I also sell my prints through Fine Art America and Saatchi Art.


My art spans across all genres, media, and subject matter, but my unique style never fails to shine through in my paintings. When you say the name "Leslie Jean Porter," you should think of bold colors, rich texture, abstract figures, and a vibrant energy. It's hard even for me to describe my art, as it is always evolving, but I implore you to look through it and make your own diagnosis. I've been paintings for several years and have gone through many phases, so I think I can truly say my art has something for everyone.

In addition, I have also started a bilingual children's book series called The Adventures of Peepers, which is aimed at teaching children the fundamentals of a second language through the story of an adorable duckling named Peepers. Each story's text is printed in either English and French or English and Spanish, with more languages in works, so stay tuned! For more information, please visit the Peepers website.


Los Angeles Design Center – 2017, 2018

Palm Springs Air Museum, Style Fashion Week – 2018

Mysty / Estate Sale – 2015-2016

Crystal Fantasy, Palm Springs, CA – 2011

Mid-Modern, Palm Springs, CA –  2003

NYC Photography – 2000

Pierre Cardin Collage Series, Paris, France – 1984

Head shot of the artist, Leslie Jean Porter.

Life of a Creative Heart - a short film documenting my life as an artist.


It begins with my time as a film producer and executive at a French film company, and travels throughout the years as I pursued a lifelong love of photography and painting.

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